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Please read the FAQ carefully before ordering.

I am not liable for any technical problems. Each disc has been tested to be fully working before it's been shipped. I am not liable for any local customs, duties, or taxes fees you might have in your country.

What's in the package?

  1. One copy of "Lady Ice" with special features in DVD format and one in Blu-ray format (also playable on the computer with a regular DVD drive, please read more here) inside a DVD plastic case with DVD cover.
  2. One A3 size Poster of "Lady Ice" (signed is optional).
  3. 2 Postcard size lithographs of Rough Animation.
  4. 2 Postcard size lithographs of Production Still.

Special Features:

  • A DVD version and a Blu-ray version of the movies in FullHD (1920x1080), also playable on the computer with a regular DVD Drive, please read more here.
  • Creating "Lady Ice" – Showing the process of creating the movie from the storyboard to the final edit, with some pointers about coloring and editing.
  • The entire storyboard of "Lady Ice" in Animatic version.
  • The entire rough animation of "Lady Ice" (a different version from the WIP YouTube version).
  • Color Keys.
  • Concept Art.
  • Character Design and Model Sheets.
  • Audio Commentary.
  • Storyboard/Rough/Film comparison.
  • Teaser Trailer - with original score!
  • "The Final Stand" – Never-before-seen version re-edited in full HD and original score!
  • "When Hamlet Met Ophelia" – in full HD.
  • Showreel 2009.
  • Easter eggs??? (Hidden features - Let's see if you can find them… But you didn't hear it from me).

Technical Specs:

Region Coding: Suitable for ALL regions.
Format: The Discs comes with either NTSC or PAL versions, sent according to your location or preference.
Aspect Ratio: Movie is in 2.35:1, some of the features are in 2.35:1 and some are in 1.85:1
Language: The Movie has no dialogue, Menus are written in English, some of the features are in English dubbing with English subtitles, the short "When Hamlet Met Ophelia" is in Hebrew dubbing with English subtitles.
Number of Discs: 2 (1 DVD version and 1 Blu-ray version)
Release Date: March 4th 2010
Movie Run Time: 7 minutes.


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